The Ferry The Branch The Creek

compiled by members of the Dharug & Lower Hawkesbury Historical Society. A comprehensive survey of the rich history of Wisemans Ferry, the Macdonald Valley and Mangrove Creek. Included are stories of the river traffic, the building of the convict road, mail services, law and order and the inns, churches and schools, and many of the colourful characters who were among the early settlers of this area.


Blood, Sweat & Irons

by Ian Webb. Describes in great detail the building of the World Heritage listed Old Great North Road. Ian researched his material very thoroughly and the book provides insight into the lives of the convicts and overseers as the road was constructed.


Not Lost but Gone Before

by Diana Wood. An historical record of the graves in the Wisemans Ferry Cemetery. Many of the early settlers in the area are buried here including Solomon Wiseman.


Wesley at Wisemans
by Peter Beale. Records the history of the Wesleyan movement in the Lower Hawkesbury. Of particular interest is the reference to the Society’s chapel at Gunderman  which was built to provide the growing congregation of parishioners with their own place of worship. CURRENTLY OUT OF PRINT


Explore the Convict Road

Published by the Convict Trail Project. This illustrated book provides an excellent guide to those wishing to walk up Devine’s Hill but would also be of interest to those interested in the convict-built  road and its amazing construction.


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The Ferry The Branch The Creek




Not Lost But Gone Before




Blood Sweat & Irons



Wesley at Wisemans




Explore the Convict Road




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